The Wideness of the Wheel

In the rule “Wagers”, replace the second paragraph with:-

As a Daily Communal Action, an Amnesiac may Spin The Wheel by performing the following atomic action:
*From each Amnesiac, deduct a number of points equal to the Size of their Wager.
*Roll a DICEN where N is the number of Segments on the Wheel.
*Apply the effect of the Segment with Index corresponding to the die roll, to every Amnesiac with that Segment in their Wager.

If the effect of a Segment is that it “Pays Segments”, this means that an Amnesiac it is applied to gains a number of points equal to the number of Segments in the Wheel.

Replace all Segment effects with “Pays Segments”.

If this proposal enacted, replace “point” with “apple” and “points” with “apples” throughout the rule “Wagers”.

Nudging the Wheel

Create a new dynastic rule, “Nudges”:

Each Amnesiac has a number of Nudges, a non-negative integer tracked on “[[The Wheel]]” wiki page. The starting value for new and unidling Amnesiacs is the most common Nudge count among all other Amnesiacs, or 1 if there is a tie for the most common such count.

As an Atomic Action, if there is no unresolved Nudge Post, an Amnesiac may spend 1 Nudge and make a Story Post with “Nudging” in its title, specifying a Segment; this is known as a Nudge Post. A Nudge Post is “unresolved” until (and during) the next time an Amnesiac Spins the Wheel, and “resolved” after that.

While there is an unresolved Nudge Post, Amnesiacs cannot change their Wager.

When an Amnesiac Spins the Wheel, if there is an unresolved Nudge Post, instead of rolling dice to select a Segment, the action is resolved as though the dice had rolled the number corresponding to the Segment specified in that Nudge Post.

Set each Amnesiac’s Nudges count to 1.

Wiki upgrade complete

The wiki has been upgraded to MediaWiki 1.34. There was a period of about 40 minutes, from 2:45 AM to 3:25 AM UTC, where any wiki changes would have been blown away by this upgrade; I hope this just didn’t happen, but if it did, I can do another import from the final-final state of the old DB. Which would of course blow away any changes between 3:25 AM UTC and whenever that happens.

With this, the imminent danger of Dreamhost yanking a PHP version we need should be completely over, and nothing remains except building the WordPress version. June 15, etc., etc.

Thanks for y’all’s patience during this.